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When you live alone, you find yourself with a lot of downtime. I happen to love to cook, but it’s slightly depressing and not generally cost-efficient to cook for one. The best part of cooking is seeing someone else enjoy it, so these days, I mainly make chicken and veggies just to survive. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not complaining about living alone. The pros far outweigh the cons… pants-off-dance-offs with the mirror, drinking wine from a measuring cup, or hell… the bottle, accepting Nobel Prizes, eating in bed, and never, ever wearing clothes are all pretty much the best. Living alone is awesome. Former roomies, I love you all dearly, but I really hate pants. YouTube has provided a constant stream of entertainment and I have a great new skill set thanks to that Google-owned merriment machine… I can pull off Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike dance scene, play that catchy little “Cups” song with the one plastic cup I own, and I can even play the first part of about 4 songs on a guitar. I’m pretty sure I’m a sorority girl’s dream.

HOWEVER… Tonight, I’ll start a new adventure, now that I clearly have all the dance and music skills I’ll ever need… To begin, I just right-clicked saved 50 different pictures of pizzas to my computer. As I sat in my studio apartment, in my bed (which is pretty much in the kitchen), the pathetic nature of such an event didn’t escape me… so I broke out my measuring cup, poured (exactly) 4.5 ounces of wine, and sat down and cracked open my laptop to tell you why.

I recently stumbled across this gem of an article from Zagat. In honor of Pizza Week, Zagat highlighted one pizza from all fifty states. Apparently Zagat doesn’t understand that there should not be a “Pizza Week”. Every week should be pizza week. Every day should be pizza day. I love pizza. The only things I love more than pizza are chicken wings (that I refuse to eat in front of other human beings, because I need to be completely naked and sitting on a towel to ensure that disaster doesn’t ensue), beef jerky from this place in tiny Warwick, Georgia called Stripling’s, and Funyuns. I know right now you’re probably thinking that I MUST have a ridiculously sophisticated palate–what, with all of these elegant foods I’m naming, and I must be the kind of person whose advice you want to take on food, but trust me… I know and LOVE food. From vending machines to fine dining, you can trust me on this one. Over the next, eh… 32 years or so, I’m going to attempt to eat every single one of these pizzas… and right here, I’m going to tell you about every single one of them.

NOW… I’m taking my friend Carla, and we’re walking from my teeny tiny studio apartment in the Historic District of Downtown Savannah, Georgia to Mellow Mushroom Pizza on Liberty Street, and we are going to tackle the first pizza on Zagat’s list. So, should I ever set this blog to anything but private settings, sit back, grab a box of wine (no glass needed), and let me tackle every noteworthy pizza in the United States for you.


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