State by State

Below you’ll find a list of all of the cities and states that I’ll be visiting. I’ll cross them off as I make it to them. An asterisk indicates that there are multiple cities in which the pizza is located, but I visited the city indicated (if known).

Birmingham, Alabama
Anchorage, Alaska
Phoenix, Arizona
Little Rock, Arkansas
Multiple, California
Multiple, Colorado
New Haven, Connecticut
Wilmington, Delaware
Ft. Myers, Florida
Savannah, Georgia* 1-8-14
Honolulu, Hawaii
Boise, Idaho
Chicago, Illinois 1-15-14
Indianapolis, Indiana
Iowa City, Iowa
Multiple, Kansas
Louisville, Kentucky
New Orleans, Louisiana
Portland, Maine
Baltimore, Maryland
Boston, Massachusetts
Multiple, Michigan
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sardis, Mississippi
St. Louis, Missouri
Missoula, Montana
Omaha, Nebraska
Henderson, Nevada
Manchester, New Hampshire
Runnemede, New Jersey
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Brooklyn, New York
Multiple, North Carolina
Fargo, North Dakota
Cleveland, Ohio
Multiple, Oklahoma
Medford, Oregon
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Newport, Rhode Island
Charleston, South Carolina
Arlington, South Dakota
Nashville, Tennessee
Ft. Worth, Texas
Provo, Utah
Montpelier, Vermont
Crozet, Virgina
Seattle, Washington
Multiple, West Virginia
Fish Camp, Wisconsin
Lusk, Wyoming


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