Wisconsin: Green and Gold Pizza at Wild Tomato

I am incredibly indecisive which often leads to me being very impulsive.  It normally takes me forever to make a decision, but once I make one, I stick to it. One Saturday afternoon, while Co-Pilot Brandon and I were playing a game of “Let’s get ready to go to the gym,” “Ok,” every 25 minutes, I looked at Brandon and said, “Let’s go get my Wisconsin pizza tonight!” We made a deal that we would go to the gym first, but after that, we would drive 3 hours north to Fish Creek, Wisconsin to go eat the Green and Gold Pizza.

I learned my lesson after Alabama. I stopped what I was doing and CALLED the restaurant to make sure that they were (A) Open ,(B) Were indeed going to be able to make the Green and Gold pizza tonight (that question was met with an, “Uhhh, yeah,” so I’m sure at this point the poor girl was wondering what kind of whack job was on the phone, and (C) I wanted to know if the mutt could come with us. All three questions were answered and there was just a trip to the gym standing between me and pizza! We actually went to the gym (YAY, US!), and then we loaded up the mutt and were Fish Creek bound!

Anywhere named Fish Creek, I expected to be a hole in the wall, po-dunk town, but I could not have been more wrong. It was like Wisconsin’s own little Hilton Head Island, add a lake and subtract an ocean. It was filled with people, shops, and restaurants! We found Wild Tomato, and settled in for what it looked like was going to be a really long wait. After about 30 minutes, Brandon, mutt, and I were taken to an outdoor area where V (mutt) let all of our table neighbors know that she would be open to treats.

This is the first pizza that Brandon and I actually shared. Normally there is usually something on mine that he dislikes (normally a vegetable), but this one, well, I’ll let Zagat tell you:

Wisconsin- Green and Gold Pizza at Wild Tomato


“As you may have heard, Wisconsin makes some of the best cheese in the country. They’re so well known for it that residents are called cheeseheads and fans of their football team wear cheese hats at games. One of Wild Tomato’s pizzas is an homage to that team (the Green Bay Packers) – the Green and Gold has roasted chicken, bacon, grilled broccoli, spinach and real Wisconsin cheese curds on top. Be sure to follow their advice: “Ask for some ranch for dipping to be a true fan.”

First of all, ZAGAT-What an awful photo. Shame on you. Now, on to the pizza. It is true that Wisconsinites are OBSESSED with cheese. The first time I went to Wisconsin to visit Brandon and we went to a grocery store, I was in awe of the cheese aisle. Back to pizza…

Here are my photos… Well–Here are Brandon’s photos. Since I am terrified of photographing my food, my sweet, sweet co-pilot did it for me.

Wisconin Slice

Wisconsin Whole


I did take the advice from the Zagat article, which was actually written on the menu too, and I ordered a side of ranch with it. The idea of putting cheese curds on a pizza was absolutely unique, but it didn’t really add much. As soon as they started to cool, they became more of a hard gooey pain in the butt than anything else. Bacon, Spinach, and Chicken are all great pizza toppings, and though they suggested that I add the ranch, and I did… If you have to create a pizza that needs to be dunked in something, I can’t say it’s the best pizza you can make. Maybe adding a swirl of ranch would have made me happier, but all-in-all, it was pizza with cheese curds on it. I’ll take pretty much anything from Toppers Pizza in Milwaukee over this one any day.